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Here at the Grey Lynn Butchers we only use New Zealand Beef and Lamb. Beef and lamb are important sources of protein, B group vitamins including B1, B2, B3, B6 and B12, as well as the essential minerals, iron and zinc. Lean red meats are nutrient dense foods so a small serving gives a large boost of nutrients for good health. Due to its high protein content there are few calories in lean beef and lamb.

We are old school butchers bringing in the entire carcass so we can prepare any cut of meat for you. We age our beef steaks for up to four weeks. We can advise you what cut of meat is suitable for the occasion and how to cook it to get the best results. We also carry veal, please enquire as to availability.

Grey Lynn Butchers Quality Mark Approved

New Zealand beef and lamb displaying the Quality Mark and the Heart Foundation's Tick must have less than 4% saturated fat and trimmed of visible fat to no more than 5mm. The Heart Foundation states women can include 100-150g of lean meat and men 150-200g of lean meat in their diet per day.

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