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Here at the Grey Lynn Butchers we proudly sell Freedom Farm's Pork. This is classified as as Free Farmed Pork. What this means is that there are No Crates - No Cages - No Pens - No Growth Hormones. And all their farms are audited by the SPCA and have being given the blue tick for animal welfare. We also make our own Hams - using only Free Farmed Pork and left on the bone for that extra taste.

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All pork sold by us is Pig Care Accredited. What this means is that all the pork is 100% New Zealand born and raised. Why is this important? For a start it must be compliant with New Zealand’s stringent food safety standards. 700,000 Kgs of imported pork enters this country every WEEK.

The only requirement that the imported product must meet is to be at a frozen temperature that meets our food safety standards. So no stating what chemicals, growth hormones have been used or what the pork has been fed has to be on the packaging. Are you willing to take a punt?
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