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Turkey meat is lean and healthy with little fat content. At Croziers the birds are free to forage for food such as grubs and grass seeds as well as getting a diet of grain. The processed birds are not chlorine washed to bleach them. Nor are they injected with oil and described as 'self-basting'. The oil injecting is to prevent the Turkey meat drying out during cooking. Instead Croziers provide easy tips on how to cook.

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At Saveur the ducks are raised on deep litter in open sided barns with natural light and fresh air. They have full access to food and water. Their feed diet is designed by poultry nutrition experts. Ducks are a waterfowl and therefore have a layer of fat under their skin. With correct cooking this layer of fat is rendered during the cooking process. This of course is what makes the skin so crispy!

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Here at the Grey Lynn Butchers we also carry a full range of Wild Game sourced from the South Island's High Country (with the exception of the Kangaroo). They are supplied to us from Easterbrook Farm and Premium Game. Please note the Game Birds and Exotic Meats come from reputable farmed sources.
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