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You only need to read the customer praises on the home page to see that our bacon (and sausages) are indeed special.
Just in case you missed them here is yet another:

"I'm very happy this is my local butcher. The service is great, always friendly and the prices are affordable. This is the best bacon in NZ and I'm addicted to it. The streaky bacon is a thick cut and needs no oil. It crisps up and caramelises quickly which is a sign of a great dry cure. Tastes like heaven. The sausages are also wonderful, as is the lamb and everything else I've tried from there. ArchHillman."

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Traditional Honey Cured Manuka Smoked Streaky Bacon
Dry Cured Manuka Smoked Middle Bacon
Both these wonderful bacons that we make ourselves won SILVER MEDALS at the New Zealand Bacon and Ham Competition in 2011. We can not wait for the 2012 competition in October. In both these categories the gold medal winners are from the South Island.

Free Farmed Bacon

Free Farmed Pork from Freedom Farms is used which means the animals are Crate, Cage and Pen Free. No Growth Hormones are used. All their farms are audited and approved by the SPCA. We use real Manuka chips to smoke cure. Here is the lineup:
Honey Cured Manuka Smoked Streaky Bacon
Honey Cured Manuka Smoked Middle Eye
Dry Cured Manuka Smoked Middle Eye Bacon
Dry Cured Manuka Smoked Streaky Bacon
Dry Cured Unsmoked/green Streaky Bacon

Pig Care Accredited Bacon

We also make Bacon from Pig Care Accredited sources. So the pork is 100% New Zealand and is compliant with New Zealand’s stringent food safety standards. Bacon made from imported pork does not have to state on the packaging what chemicals, growth hormones have been used or what the pork has been fed.
This is our range:
Honey Cured Manuka Smoked Streaky Bacon
Honey Cured Manuka Smoked Middle Eye
Dry Cured Manuka Smoked Middle Bacon
Bacon hock and Bacon pieces

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Other Cured Meats

Coppa: Also known as Capocollo. This is pork from the neck or shoulder and is dry cured. Lovely sliced thinly for antipasto, on pizzas or in paninis.
Kassler: This pork is cured by salting and then is slightly smoked. Mostly from the loin, but can also come from the neck. An alternative to bacon.
Pancetta: is known as Italian bacon and is from the pork belly. It is salt cured, seasoned with spices and dried for several months. Ideal on pizza and in pasta.

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Prosciutto: is Italian ham from the hind leg and is a dry cured. It is best served thin, ideal as antipasto or on pizzas.
Bresaola: Also known as Brisaola, it is made from lean beef from the leg. Salted and air dried.
Salami: is cured sausage, fermented with lots of spices and then air-dried. We make ours from several meats.